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Apr 13, 2020

Side effects of taking growth hormone

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Side effects of taking growth hormone

Growth hormone has been used by many professional athletes for a long time. Since this hormone is produced naturally in the body, side effects from taking it are quite rare and occur mainly when high doses are used over a long period of time..

Possible side effects of taking growth hormone:

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Tunnel syndrome – characterized by pain and numbness in the limbs. The main reason for such manifestations is an increase in the volume of muscles, which begin to squeeze the peripheral nerves. As a rule, this syndrome disappears with a decrease in dosage..

Fluid buildup in muscles tren ace max is a side effect common to many hormonal drugs (used for anabolic purposes). You can try to minimize this effect by cutting down on salty foods and avoiding alcohol..

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Increased blood pressure. Eliminated either by reducing the dosage of growth hormone, or by taking antihypertensive drugs.

The suppression of the thyroid gland function is weak. To eliminate it, on the course of taking growth hormone, it is recommended to take Thyroxin (25 mcg per day winstrol cycle for sale how to build a bigger). It should be noted that after the end of the course, the function of the thyroid gland is fully restored..

Hyperglycemia is an increase in blood sugar levels. This side effect is treated with the addition of insulin or drugs that stimulate the pancreas (for example, Diabeton).

Acromegaly – observed when using high doses of growth hormone for a long period of time. Does not occur if moderate doses are observed.

Hypertrophy (enlargement) of internal organs – occurs only in the case of ultra-high dosages of growth hormone.

Side effects of growth hormone not supported by mainstream science:

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Abdominal enlargement.

It is believed that taking growth hormone over time leads to an increase in the abdomen (due to hyperplasia of internal organs due to IGF-1 receptors). Currently, science has not confirmed this fact, but the experience of some professional bodybuilders shows that this can be the case. Experts explain this by the fact that many professionals take large doses of growth hormone in combination with other anabolic steroids, which can indirectly affect the increase in the abdomen..

taking growth

Impotence and infertility.

According to research, the use of GH for anabolic purposes did not lead to pathological changes in sexual function..

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Suppression of the production of its own growth hormone.

According to the research of Professors Elmer M. and Cranton M., in more than 100 patients taking growth hormone, no suppression of the function of their own production of GH was found..

Development of tumors.

taking growth

It is believed that taking growth hormone can accelerate the division of cancer cells. Wanting to verify this fact, the scientists conducted a study, as a result of which it was found that patients suffering from tumors and undergoing treatment with growth hormone did not experience worsening of their condition..

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Correct conclusions

Taking any hormonal drugs for anabolic purposes leads to irreversible consequences for the body. There are no safe steroids and cannot be. The use of these drugs for building muscle mass and strength can only be justified if the athlete earns money clomifene citrate in uk this clomifene citrate by performing or has the status of a professional (which is basically the same thing), soberly aware of the consequences of such a sports career.

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